The Underground Kingdom poster v0.2

The Underground Kingdom teaser poster. Art by Erich Reese.

The Underground Kingdom is an  open-world, action-adventure video game being developed by Transition Games and published by FI Birmingham. The Underground Kingdom wA released on PC and PS4 in Turn 52.

The Underground Kingdom utilises RAGE, leased off of acclaimed developer and publisher, Rockstar Games, as part of a one-off contract.

Gameplay Edit

The Underground Kingdom is an open world adventure game. The game will use the popular RAGE engine, used on the GTA series. This will offer enhanced graphics and gameplay to take place. The player will have many different paths/missions they can follow which will determine future possibilities. At the end the player will be given three choices which will determine the outcome of the game if you fail one of these you will return to the mission before the ending. 


  • Single-Player
  • Multiplayer
  • Editor 

Story Edit

The game revolves around James Johns a small time criminal bent on becoming the best in London. Starting off with just a pistol a knife and a humble flat, he must make his way to the top or be thrown into the gutter of failed criminals. But he has an enemy in long time rival Fredrico Yorvek who also has plans on getting to the top of the pyramid. He will fight his way from robbing small shops to trying to steal £100,000 from a top end bank but in the end will he rule the Underground Kingdom?


You have a choice of radio stations which will play selections of music. Genres will include 70s disco, Rock and Roll, Hip Pop, Rap, Slow ballads and more.


Upon release, The Underground Kingdom was met with mixed reviews. Critics praised the atmosphere and setting, but were critical of how similar to Grand Theft Auto the game actually is, going as far as to call it a clone. The game holds a 2.9/5 on Amazon, while it has a 72/100 on Metacritic. 


"The Underground Kingdom is Transition Games' debut, arriving on PC, Mac, and PS4 in all its glory. As James Johns, a small time crook looking to climb the crime ranks and become the best, you'll combat enemies and your arch rival Fredrico Yorvek along the way. It's a cool London thriller with non-stop action, more than enough life simulation elements to rival GTA: San Andreas, and some great graphics. The gameplay is where it stumbles. It tries so hard to mimic GTA that we end up with a game that feels like a clone. The story can only take it so far. There aren't many bugs or glitches, but the lack of anything unique makes this one a rent at best. The campaign can be fun at times, but this isn't anything we haven't seen before, and there isn't enough substance to the single player or multiplayer to keep at it." Overall Score: 6.0/10

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