Tanoshii Urban Entertainment's Current Logo

Tanoshii Urban Entertainment is a developer in Game Sim. It is run by Chiken. They are one of Game Sim's most acclaimed developers, with 3 games in the best reviewed list.


Tanoshii Urban Entertainment have released four games. 3-On-3 Basketball in turn 3 and The Red War in turn 5. They released  Counterattack in turn 13 and have most recently released Gosutohanta in Turn 29. Tatakai! was delayed then scheduled for a Turn 28 release, but the entire game data was lost. They more recently relased Gosutohanta and Survival In The City. In turn 52, they released Digimon: Fighting Spirit to positive reviews.


Tanoshii Urban Entertainment won Best Developer, Best Horror Game and nominated for Best Game for Gosutohanta during the First Video Game Awards Show.


Tanoshii Urban Entertainment owns the Digimon franchise.

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