Heroic Origins poster

Heroic Origins poster. Art by Erich Reese.

Heroic Origins is an upcoming open-ended construction and management/tactical RPG with god game influences. Heroic Origins is being developed by Helix Studios. A release date has not been announced as of yet.


Players influence the stories of the characters by shaping their environment. The game has 2 parts:

Construction & ManagementEdit

The construction and management part of the game is somewhat similar to SimCity. You build residential/industrial/commercial areas. You have some unlockable buildings that are linked to certain origins (like for example NUCLEAR PLANT - when you construct it, you unlock the "NUCLEAR ACCIDENT" origin for some of your heroes.)

Based on your play style, different heroes and villains are born in your city. If a certain zone has high crime, then a traumatized vigilante might be inspired by the death of his parents to wear the cape and fight crime. Or if your town is run efficiently, an optimistic superhero who plays by the rules might offer to help you.

Tactical RPGEdit

The tactical RPG part of the game is similar to games like XCOM: Enemy Unknown, in which the player directs their heroes in turn-based combat missions.


In HEROIC ORIGINS, you join your heroes in their missions in the fun and engaging tactical RPG portion, but also deal with the aftermath of their actions in the city management portion of the game.


Work together with your heroes or hunt them down, experiment on them and use the research to create your own breed of loyal servants.


Use our intuitive EDITOR to create your own HEROES, VILLAINS, MISSIONS and EVENTS.

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