Freefall Interactive is a video game developer run by McKane.
Normal Freefall Interactive Logo 2

Freefall Interactive's generic logo.


Freefall Interactive have released games such as Burnt Skies, Red Faction: Redemption, Origins, Ruthless and WATCH_DOGS: Genesis.

Their cancelled games are currently, War.
Burnt Skies Freefall Interactive Logo

Freefall Interactive's exclusive Burnt Skies logo.

They are currently working on Apex with developer Transition Games.

Their upcoming games are currently, Apex and Burnt Skies: Moirai.

Engines Edit

Freefall Interactive currently own the following game engines:

Counter Engine


Type Private
Industry Video game industry, computer hardware/software
Founded March 31 2013 (Year 1 Turn 9)
Headquarters Walthamstow, Greater London, United Kingdom
Key People Joseph Finch, Kane M. Doolan, Erich Reese

Burnt Skies (Year 1 Turn 14)

Red Faction Redemption (Year 2 Turn 5)

Origins (Year 2 Turn 13)

Ruthless (Year 3 Turn 12)

WATCH_DOGS: Genesis (Year 4 Turn 7)



Operating income


Net income






Employees 304 (approx.)


Freefall Interactive have won the following awards:

Burnt Skies - VGA Award for Best Game, Best Debut Game, Best Simulator

Various other awards and nominations:

Runner-up - VGA Award for Best Developer

Franchises Edit

Freefall Interactive currently owns the following franchises:

Burnt Skies


Red Faction

Company of Heroes

Publishing Division Edit

In Turn 34, Freefall Interactive's contract with EA collapsed, FI founded a publishing division, named FI Birmingham, who now publish Freefall's future games.  FI Birmingham's first publishing project was Ruthless, which was released in Turn 42. A demo was released in Turn 32.

Hardware Division Edit

In Turn 36, Freefall Interactive released an the first entries of an original series of high-speed gaming laptops,` under their own marque, Freefall Physical Gaming (better known as the abbreviated FPG, featured on the Sabre series laptops).

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