Franchises are real life franchises that players can purchase, and release games based on. Once owned, franchises can be leased by paying 25% of the original price to the owner, pending the owner's approval. They can also be sold off by the owner, or sold back to Game Sim (becoming unowned again) at a 50% loss. 

List of currently owned franchisesEdit


The Fast And The Furious - Firestorm Studios

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six - Firestorm Studios

Burnt Skies - Freefall Interactive

Red Faction - Freefall Interactive

Digimon - Tanoshii Urban Entertainment

Warfield - Freefall Interactive

Bubsy - GameProStudios

Metroid - GameProStudios

Bubble Bobble - Gammasoft

F-Zero - Gammasoft

List of publisher franchisesEdit

Battlefield - EA

Dead Space - EA

Need For Speed - EA

Watch Dogs - Ubisoft

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