The Counter Engine is a game engine formerly developed by Counter Technologies. It is now under constant simultaneous development by Freefall Interactive.

Counter Engine Logo

Counter Engine logo circa 2013-present.

History Edit

Counter Engine is currently being developed by EA Tiburon. Development of the Counter Engine began in early 2009, shortly after Counter Technologies was founded - December 17th 2008. Funding for further development of the Counter Engine was privately funded through independent investors. The Counter Engine has been in development for the past 4 years until EA bought out Counter Technologies and its trademark, the Counter Engine. Development since then has switched from Counter Tech. to EA DICE to EA Tiburon. The Counter Engine has come a long way since it's development takeover. The Counter Engine is now under development by Freefall Interactive following their breakup from former publisher, Electronic Arts. After a prolonged court case, FI earned the reins to their beloved game engine.

Developer: Freefall Interactive, EA Tiburon (former), Counter Technologies (former)
Use: In-house
Games: Burnt Skies, Burnt Skies II, Red Faction: Redemption, Origins, Ruthless
Development Cost: $34 million (former), $16 million (additional): $50 million (total cost)

Development DelaysEdit

After a protest about development of the Counter Engine, on behalf of EA Digital Illusions CE, Electronic Arts were forced to let DICE develop the Frostbite engine instead of the Counter Engine. Alternatively, EA Tiburon were assigned to develop the Counter Engine.

After FI's breakup from EA, the engine is now in constant simultaneous development by Freefall Interactive.

Games using Counter EngineEdit

Game Counter 1.0 Counter 1.5 Counter 2.0 Counter 2.5 Counter 3.0
Burnt Skies Yes No No No No
Red Faction: Redemption No Yes No No No
Origins No Yes (8th-generation consoles)

Yes (64-bit only)

No No
Ruthless No Yes (Demo version for 8th-gen) Yes (PC and 9th-generation*) No No
Burnt Skies: Moirai No Yes (Handheld devices*) Yes (PC and 9th-generation) No No
Burnt Skies II No No No Yes (...) Yes (...)