Clueless is fantasy-horror puzzle game, developed by GameProStudios. It was released on PS3 in Turn 41.

Gameplay Edit

Clueless is in the first person; you use the left analog stick to move, right analog stick lets you look around, pressing X will let you jump (The jump feels like Call of duty Black Ops Jump), pressing Square will let you interact with things like doors, switches, and more. Circile let's you crouch/uncrouch, Triangle let's you see the map (If you find one), pressing L1 will let you use the item in your left hand, (Same for R1/Right hand). R2 or L2 let's you sprint. There are puzzles all around you have to solve, your goal is to find your friends and escape, but the Cloaked One is always wondering around. He will, UNDO the puzzles you solve, destroy parts of rooms, set traps and try to find you. If he sees you then you have to run and hide where he won't find you or else he will kill you.

Story Edit

You are a retired detective. One day you go camping with your friends, but they go missing. It turns out a cloaked man kidnapped them. Now its up to you to find your friends, before the Cloaked One Find you.

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